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Zuton is a happy boy who loves attention - we love to see his tail wag. Name: Truckle was Trevor. Truckle is a handsome chap whp needs a special home to give him a second chance. Name: Tulip. Age: 9 Years. Peaches is the perfect labrador in every way so please don't leave her waiting too long Age: 2 Years.

Age: 8 Years. Odessa is a sweet but shy little Bichon who will relax and enjoy her new life with your help Vertue is such a cutie who needs to find ehr forever home Name: Lyver. Lyver is a worried girl who needs a kind person to hold her paw and help her move forwards Ohanna is a lovely bichon who is sweet and is enjoying fuss and cuddles already Age: 7 Years. Oma will jump up to say hi with her little tail wagging so she is going to love being someone special girl Oda is a lovely but nervous bichon who needs to be shown her wonderful life can be Odelia is going to be a wonderful little friend to have in your life.

Felicia is a timid but sweet natured girl who loves other cavs. Fern is already quite confident and beginning to walk on a lead. Name: Beauty. Beauty is a sweet but shy little Bichon who needs to learn to enjoy attention Name: Ganda. Ganda is a sweet girl who is very happy but is a little shy of people at the moment Name: Jinty. Jinty is a sweet little girl who is very happy to find herself with us.

Name: Belinda. Belinda is a curious girl who is easy to handle and trying her best to be brave Bonita is a shy girl who needs lots of TLC to help her adjust to her new life Gester is a friendly girl who is going to love being someone special princess Name: Harry. Stripe is a sweet but bvery shy girl in need of love and kindness Hedrick is a scared girl who needs a calm, experienced home Bexley has made so much progress already.

Name: Retta. Reeta has the prettiest face and is going to be stunning when she looses her worried frown. Name: Princess. Princess is much more confidenct when with her kennel friends so we are looking to rehome her with at least one other friendly dog Name: Gwen.

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Gwen is is bright and inqusitive and happy with her kennel friends. Name: Toast. Name: Google. Google is a nervous girl, and will need a quiet gentle home. Name: Tilly-Toes. Tilly Toes is settling well in her foster home and is looking for a quiet home with another dog. Name: Boco. Boco is a very nevous but handsome young dog in need of a new start Bern is a nervous girl who needs a calm ad gentle home where she can build her confidence Name: Mona was Love.

Mona is such a sweetie and if you meet her we think it will be love at first sight! Max is a confident, happy lad who could be an only dog in the right home Name: Perky. Age: 11 Years. Name: Roo was Robyn. Diamond is a very worried girl in need of an experenced home Name: Autumn.

Breed: Cockapoo cocker Spaniel Cross Poodle. Autumn has gentle eyes and is the sweetest girl needing a whole lot of love Dimple is kind and sweet and will make a fab companion. Kinda enjoys a fuss and is going to find home life wonderful October is a shy girl who is making slow but steady progress Status Not Ready For Adoption. Name: Precious. Age: 10 Weeks. Precious is unable to walk properly so we are looking for a very special home for her.

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Deri is a sweet girl who enjoys a fuss. Alana is a lovely girl who is learning to accept human love Giro is a special lad who needs very special someone to help him. Surprise is a scared girl but is easy to pick up and settles quite quickly Name: Izzy. Location: Wotton-under-Edge Gloucestershire. Izzy is a young dog who is waiting to learn what fun is all about Precious is a darling shihtzu in need of TLC Name: Binky.

Binky is a delightful girl who will make you laugh everyday with her antics Given is a happy girl who loves attention and can be an only dog in the right circumstances Name: Donut. Age: 3 Months. Donut is a worried puppy who needs lots of gentle encouragement to come out of his shell. Age: 5 Months. Perky is a shy puppy who needs lots of love and kindness to help him be a happy, playful puppy Name: Kola. Kola is a friendly girl who is full of love and already walks on a lead Name: Annabelle. Annabelle is a very worried Cav who needs a lot of patience and love to help her feel less overwhelmed Name: Atta.

Helena is a worried girl who knows nothing about love and life yet Hailey is a scared girl who will need kindness and patience to help her relax in her new home Kino is a friendly boy who loves his bed and enjoys a fuss Name: Dahlia. Dahlia will need a quiet home with a calm resident dog or dogs. Name: Havannah. Havannah is a pretty girl who is scared of the world and needs a lot of patience Age: 8 Months.

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Frasier is a sweet and waggy boy who loves his kennel mates Name: Pip was Chips. Pip is a beautiful girl who Name: Ravioli. Ravioli is a sweet but timid girl in need of TLC Name: Halisa. Age: 7 Months. Baxter is a very sweet boy with a very waggy tail although he is a quite timid. Dolly is a worried girl who has no clue how wonderful her life is about to get. Name: Jester. Gormai would love to be in a warm home before the winter really starts and we don't think it will take her long to settle.

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  • Jupe will need an active adult only home with Collie experience to help her over come her fears Name: Hemi. Hemi is a handsome boy who walks on a lead and loves a fuss Name: Vera. Vera is an extremely sweet natured girl who will need at least one other kind and confident resident dog in her new home Name: Penne. Name: Tristant. Age: 6 Months. Name: Hannah. Name: Nudge. Nudge loves to be with other dogs and is happiest with her friends Name: Indo. Tippy is a gentle girl who is all new to the comforts of home Pip is slightly timid but friendly and will happily come up to you when you enter the kennel.

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    Ivor is very worried about life and needs some patience and lots of love to win his heart Name: Rosa. Rosa is looking for a special home that can help her learn to trust Name: Miss Paisley. Miss Paisley is full of character, she walks on a lead and loves a fuss!

    Name: Tina. Tina is a sweetie who will lick your hands and really wants to be friends Name: Brolly.

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    Brolly does let us touch her but she needs a home who are very slow and gentle around her. Name: Emma. Emma needs a quiet home where her owners have had scared dogs before Name: Harley. Harley is a timid little dog who doesnt understand the big wide world yet Name: Alma. Sweet Alma is such a cutie and deserves someone to love her forever Name: Jaxxy. Jaxxy is a shy boy who needs to learn all about being a member of the family Name: Simon.

    Locket is a timid girl who needs a little time and patience to help her grow in confidence. Name: Quincy.

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    We are looking for a calm and gentle home for Duke with at least one other dog to give him some confidence Every is a very worried girl who is looking for a calm, adult home Avon is a cheeky little girl who will bloom when she learns about love Sheila is happy and waggy and seems to enjoy a fuss from everyone Name: Bracken. Bracken has had lots of surgery and is looking for a quiet, loving home to call her own Whelk is a worried girl who is starting to enjoy a cuddle Hership is a very scared girl who does not know how to enjoy human company yet Dizzy is very kind and gentle and all she wants is to be loved!

    Name: Odel. Odel is a complete gorgeous cutie who deserves someone to show her true love Name: East. Cam is a lovely Lab who is friendly, walks on a lead and could be an only dog With time. Name: Kady. Kady is a sweet girl who is flourishing in her foster home Gadgit is not incredibly confident but should progress very quickly with care and understanding. Grape is a sweet little girl who is happy for us to handle her but is very shy.