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This discovery leads to consider that Piero had at his disposal either a globe or a map which he reproduced on the fresco.

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My hypothesis is that a star map might be supplied to Piero by the astronomer Regiomontanus who was in Italy since following the Cardinal Bessarion in his journey from Wien to Rome. In , Cardinal Bessarion was named papal legate to Venice and in July of the same year he leaved Rome together with Regiomontanus to reach Ferrara and Venice. The trip took more than two weeks due to a stop before crossing the Apennines because the plague in Ferrara. Bessarion and Regiomontanus might have met Piero who was painting the cycle of frescoes in Arezzo and supplied him with a star map.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of the horizon and any right line in the scene it is not possible to detect the latitude of the place corresponding to the painted sky. Paolo Sortino, Elisabeth, Torino, Einaudi, , pp.

Much more than documents.

Franco Arato. Paolo Sortino, Elisabeth, Torino, Einaudi, , Editorial: Paolo Sylos Labini As explained by Roncaglia , the very name of the PSL Quarterly Review is dedicated to the Italian economist, due among other things to the long run relation between PSL and the old series of this journal. Robert Lucas claimed were impossible to see before the crisis itself. These include the accumulation of excessive household debt, excessive complacency on the side of the Fed, speculative bubbles in the US stock exchange and real estate markets, and the deflationary pressures caused by radical technological innovations.

Considers how Francesca Lia Block's "The Rose and the Beast" attests to the resilience of the traditional folktale form. Describes how Block's work is a modern adaptation of some of the most familiar old tales, all with heroines struggling against plastic, soulless culture beset by drugs, sex, and violence.

Photojournalism in Theaters of War. Interview to Pier Paolo Cito. Full Text Available In questa intervista Pier Paolo Cito racconta la sua passione per la fotografia e le sue esperienze sul campo, in particolare quella vissuta in Afghanistan. Si sofferma, inoltre, su considerazioni personali relative al bianco e nero. A strange horn between Paolo Mantegazza and Charles Darwin. During the preparation of an exhibition in Pavia dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the death of the Italian Pathologist Paolo Mantegazza, a strange cheratinic horn was found at the Museum for the History of the University of Pavia labelled as 'spur of a cock transplanted into an ear of a cow.

All rights reserved. Review of Raffaele Simone and Francesca Masini eds. Word classes: Nature, typology and representations. Hardback and E-book Il viaggio settecentesco di Paolo Sangiorgio in Valsassina. Full Text Available Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the institutionalization of Earth sciences was made possible by the spread across Europe of rather commonly known experimental approaches, which were partly based on the exploration of mountains.

The scientific travel on mountains acquired its own tools and practices soon, and gave an important contribution to the emergence of historical geology. Against this backdrop, the geological as well as natural knowledge of the Alps and Prealps took place, involving several Italian and European scholars. This paper, after brief considerations on the biography of Paolo Sangiorgio, an Italian savant, offers the complete edition of the unpublished manuscript of his travel in Valsassina Lombard Prealps, Northern Italy.

The report of his surveys to the east of the lake of Como is certainly a significant primary source about the epistemic value that the scientific travel had acquired by the first half of the nineteenth century.

Pietro Abelardo, Scritti di Logica

Ethical perspectives and ramifications of the Paolo Macchiarini case. The Paolo Macchiarini case has several ethical ramifications. Professor Macchiarini, formerly of the Karolinska Institutet KI , became famous for the tracheal surgeries he conducted between and His rapid rise to fame was followed by an almost equally rapid fall from grace as official reports, articles in newspapers and television programmes revealed several aspects related to misconduct in his curriculum vitae, professional practices and publishing-related activity.

Formal misconduct reports issued by four KI co-workers in late , then again in , coupled with social scandals, including the tricking of a famous US television newscaster into a false marriage, a previous arrest in Italy for apparent bribery, and acute narcissism, all tainted Macchiarini's legend. In the short space of just two years, Macchiarini was no longer remembered for the revolutionary changes he had claimed to have brought about in stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Instead, at least seven dead patients later, Macchiarini faces potential aggravated manslaughter charges and an uphill battle to save his published research, now shrouded in scandal and scientific doubt, from being retracted and scratched out from the list of verified medical science.

This paper examines some of the possible ethical ramifications of the Macchiarini case. Il modo in cui il Papa viveva i suoi ultimi giorni, segnati dalla sofferenza, la sua pasqua dalla morte alla vita in Dio, ha confermato definitivamente la sua grandezza. Questa difficile sintesi testimonia il suo genio morale. La fonte della forza e della luce costituiva per lui soprattutto una fervida e costante preghiera, frequente partecipazione ai sacramenti e sistematica meditazione sulla Parola di Dio.

Macelwane Awards: Donald J. De Paolo. While a graduate student at Caltech Don recognized that the study of an isotopic parent—daughter pair having the same volatility and the same host phases could eliminate many of the ambiguities that had plagued previous attempts to apply isotopic data to the study of mantle reservoirs and that the SmNd system was such a geochemically coherent pair.

Following Gunter Lugmair's pioneering work on meteorites, Don was one of the first to work out laboratory techniques for the study of Sm and Nd; these techniques and the high-precision mass spectrometers of the Wasserburg lab allowed Don and Jerry to demonstrate in several key papers that there were at least two major mantle reservoirs and to examine earth structural models that could account for the observations.