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I have a good view of what the realities are Kitchener1 and I have still a very good recollection of the challenges my wife and I overcame when we started out which, trust me, were just as plentiful as they are today. Must rush, have to get new tires, pop to the bank to deposit a check and pick a color for our xmas lights.

Great that you should point out that the reckoning is for the housing slowdown to last approx 12 years before breaking. Pretty much everyone who bought in the past year or so is now losing money…both in price depreciation and the intrest charges that have them beggared and on their knees. Anyone buying into this swoon is really going to get their ass kicked….. The information spans six loan programs as well as currency swaps with other central banks, purchases of mortgage-backed securities and the rescues of Bear Stearns Cos.

Brampton sales are so bad that now you will see houses go up in flames as people are faced with going bankrupt. Sale in brampton are so bad that the Brampton RE board has yet to put out sales numbers for September. Brampton is the first house of cards which is now falling down hard. Is it any wonder why Brampton has many power of sales?

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  3. Die Idee vom deutschen Ständestaat: Ständische, Berufsständische und Korporative Konzepte zwischen 1918 und 1933 (German Edition).
  4. The End of Ethics in a Technological Society.
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Some have paid back the money others failed. Just in time for another one of your delusional schizophrenic comments. Most likely comorbid with some other extreme type of mental illness where you need attention from others to validate yourself. DA, we all know that you religiously read the posts. Nobody responds to more posts than you. So…instead of a thinly veiled attempt at credibility…again, simply count the number of posts that people are fed up with you and count the random few where people are saying how much they appreciate your forced feeding.

You claim intellingence, then certainly you can do the math that is blatantly obvious to most people on this post. Garth is the author of the blog…remember.

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Again, you are providing unsolicited advice that many of us have made really clear we have little to no interest in. My information says that the average U. That is a simple Many would say the US has pretty much achieved near bottom. Ok, I get it you doubt my figures… well then do your own research and tell me what you come up with for the US national average price drop peak to trough thus far. No, things are not nearly so bad as an uninformed visitor to this site might be led to believe… not at all.

Over four million people have stopped paying their mortgages because there is no point. House prices fallen for four years continuously. The source you gave was for new homes only, not all homes and does not reflect resale conditions or the burden faced by existing homeowners. This post is appalling.

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Can you imagine what a potential client would think of him if they read some of his posts? He is a man of integrity! I used to play soccer with Tony at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough. Tony posted here that Brampton would never go down. Well it is going down.

Yankees from the mid-west, mountain west, and northeast are not OK with snow all over the roads all winter long. In Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, the snow is off the streets quickly. The government guarantees 85 per cent of the loan.

When loans go into default, taxpayer money refunds the bank! The year-old union electrician is one of nearly 2 million Americans whose extended unemployment benefits will run out this month, making the holiday season less about celebration than survival. Benefits that had been extended up to 99 weeks started running out Wednesday. Unless Congress approves a longer extension, the Labor Department estimates about 2 million people will be cut off by Christmas. His appeal is just a shameless ploy for generating leads suckers. I have to confess to some amusement in observing the cusp of this bubble, the gut wrenching moment on the roller coaster when the racket cuts out and for a handful of heartbeats the string of cars hangs in kind of zero g.

Especially given the attitude Americans got from Canadians when our bubble burst earlier. Do as you wish. Your complete lack of understanding of what has happened, and indeed what continues to happen in your own industry in the United States is truly stunning. EU Bigger Stability Fund The US backs the bigger fund, and with war games destabilization happening off NKorea as well as Israel opening fire on Lebanon earlier today, they might as well put some extra cash in the bank. If the bank is still solvent. Another war in Lebanon will most likely bring in Syria and Iran, and the conflict could spread across the region like a wildfire, out of control.

He may have to. Why ask for a major block that trades outside of the dollar? You can see the answer straight away…. When people are as mad as hell and take collective action, it can work for the greater good. Like the Federal Reserve what it hands out is more debt!

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The US is effectively acting as a co-signer to the loan to the EU, which means if the EU collapses, or simply refuses to repay as Iceland and now Ireland look to be doing. Too much snow, not enough money in Sweden to clear all the snow. Bank Accounts are disappearing. The best known of these is narcissistic personality disorder.

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This picture held my attention for quite some time, memories of Calgary ran thru my mind. Just because you became a realtor after taking a university education does not change the education level required to mislead young hormone nesting families with significantly more market info and many motherhood homeowning statements.

Garth, please stop beating with the ugly logic stick. You know you can never argue facts, they are not relevant.

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Expectations are low anyway. I just get annoyed with him because of his attitude. True story, as God is my witness: Before they had even seen the inside of the house. I just shook my head. My bunker, boat and Land Rover Defender are ready for action! Did I tell you bunker is lined with silver, my hull the same and my Rover frame! Japan never experienced a deflation. My BIL and sister bought a house outside Phoenix at the peak of real estate prices. He fortuanately makes a good income, so it will not hurt them as much.

They bought the house for a home not an investment. You should do more research about flu shots before taking them. This comes after U. District Court Judge Ellen S.