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Type in a keyword or phrase to describe your topic and combine it with the word encyclopedias, dictionaries, chronology, or handbooks. Examples psychology encyclopedias philosophy dictionaries chemistry handbooks Vietnam war chronology African Americans encyclopedias Click on the search button. Aren't "Reference Sources" on the Web? Oxford Reference A collection of subject-specific encyclopedias, timelines, quotations, and subject and language dictionaries.

Find substantial topic overviews, in-depth information, as well as short definitions. Content is heavier in the arts and humanities but includes titles in the social sciences and sciences.

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Britannica ACADEMIC Britannica, and the resources bundled within the collection, supply topic overviews, biographies, word and concept definitions, a world atlas, historical timelines, quotations, illustrations, photos, videos, links to relevant articles and websites, primary sources, and the World Data Analyst, supplying customizable charts and tables of statistics on countries of the world.

Users can suggest edits and additions to content. Check the end of each article for a Citation Exporter.

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History Reference Center Covering both U. Additionally, it provides timelines, biographies, maps, photos and video clips. Science Reference Center Science Reference Center contains monographs, journals and magazines, and reference works on scientific topics including physical sciences, life sciences, and earth and space science.

Auraria Library. Dictionary of Concepts in History. Reference Sources for the Social Sciences and Humanities, number 3.

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Essays on approximately culture groups of the U. Covering a variety of disciplines -- biology, medicine, economics, law psychology, sociology and history -- the Encyclopedia of Aging also explores related issues such as religion, spirituality, and ethics. Also includes a topical outline, primary source documents, addresses, Web sites and an index. The Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development breaks new ground as a continuously updated and timely reference work for students, educators, researchers and professionals. This three volume work is divided into major conceptual areas of child development: Learning, Behavior, and Emotions; offers extensive internal cross referencing and includes references and suggested works in most entries.

Coverage Dates: - present. Provides a comprehensive survey of lesbian and gay history and culture in the United States. Includes articles ranging from short biographical entries to longer essays surveying topics such as the Stonewall riots, federal law and policy, same sex institutions, and AIDS. Encyclopedia of World Cultures.

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This reference set lists and describes more than 1, global cultures. Based on research of social scientists, it is the source for historical, social, political, economic, linguistic, religious, and other information on virtually every existing culture.

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Women and Social Movements Scholar's Edition. Thousands of pages of materials provide in-depth access to the published histories and records of women's organizations throughout the United States. Also included are documented projects on a broad range of topics, with footnotes to introductory material, annotations of primary documents, a bibliography, and a list of related Web links.