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Joining An adVenture. Competitive Sleuthing. Competing From the Fringe. Two Brothers. Tom and Huck. Roy Smith Troupe , revolving trapeze, Sells-Floto, Silver Smith , clown. He is a native of Liverpool, England, and in his country enjoys great distinction as a circus performer.

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He was for thirty years a showman, joining Barnum in as a four horse driver. He came back to this country several weeks ago on business connected with the show, and was taken ill on the steamer. On reaching New York he was hurried to Bridgeport, it being ascertained that he was suffering with Bright's disease. He was forty years of age, was born in Delevan, Wis. He leaves two sisters in Milwaukee. New York Clipper , June 4, , p. Smiths , flying trapeze, Harris' Nickel Plate Shows, John Snellen.

The portrait is a fair representation of our efficient Master of Canvas, Mr. Snellen possesses great ability in his overseeing of the daily erection and taking down of the enormous city of tents used by the Ringling Bros. His executive ability and knowledge of the various details of the work under his charge are most aptly shown in cases of great emergency, such as the severe storms experienced during the first part of this season.

Forrest Snider.

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Snider is an expert trapeze performer and juggler. Jaggers expects to take part in the concert with his Indian club act. Snider has been traveling with shows for several years. DeCleo's company are at Canal Winchester all this week.

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The Royal Entertainers carry eight people, who are artists in musical comedy and vaudeville. Richwood OH Gazette , May 2, Marysville OH Tribune , January 6, Captain Snyder , animal trainer, Wheeler's circus, Charles Edward Snyder , a veteran acrobat, who was for about twenty years one of the Three Herbert Brothers, acrobats, died Jan.

At the age of eighteen he was taken by Charles Robinson, famous as the organizer of the acrobatic trio, the Herbert Brothers, and made the third member of the troupe. During the time of his travel with the trio Snyder visited every town and city of note in New Mexico, the United States and Canada. He is the second of the original three Herbert Brothers to pass away, Charles Robinson having died several years ago. Two brothers and a sister survive him.

New York Clipper , February 11, , p. Alexander Sokolove started as a car porter on J. Augustus Jones' Cole Bros. For most of his career he was in the concession department with a number of circuses. Died May 25, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, age Circus Report , July 23, , p. Solman , better known as "King Soloman," died at his brother's home, in Pecos, Tex.

Since that time he has been continously employed with different theatrical organizations, serving four consecutive seasons each with P. McEwen, the hypnotist, and Terry's "U.

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On jan. At this time he lost the entire use of his voice and went South to spend the winter with his brother, at Pecos, Tex. He leaves a mother, sister and a brother Mose Solman, also a professional , at whose home he died. New York Clipper , January 16, , p. Carl Solt , aerialist, was performing by age 9. In he was with the Alderfer Show, then the Mighty Haag and vaudeville.


Download e-book Did You Lose Your Elephant? (The Satterfield Saga Book 7)

At one time he had three acts with Hagenbeck-Wallace. Also worked on various Shrine and other shows. Died January 1, at Peru, Indiana, age Circus Report , January 19, , p. Leon Sotman , animal trainer for years with Col. Billboard , March 30, , p. Pearl E. Note: I am searching for more information about Pearl Saunders, elephant trainer for Ringling Brothers.

I have a newspaper article relating to an ancestor, Mrs. Mentioned she was formerly married to Pearl Saunders, animal trainer for Ringling Brothers. According to newspaper article, he died in I have seen a couple of references to people having worked for Pearl Saunders, elephant trainer for Ringling Brothers and wondered if the entry you have for a Pearl E. Souder is one and the same. Linton daughter of Elijah and Rachel Linton. She trained with Ringling Brothers as a bareback rider and traveled with them in succession for 18 years. Charles McGee Sparks was born in the state of Utah in At the age of seven he was adopted by J.

Sparks, operator of the Sparks Brothers Circus and was with them until as an animal trainer and acrobat. Beginning in and continuing through , Charles Sparks became manager and proprietor of the Sparks Circus, one of the finest twenty-car railroads in the east, with an outstanding circus parade.

Circus Biographies, Obituaries S - U

The Circus was known as a cleanly operated show both morally and factually and from the standpoint of not permitting any gambling or other vices commonly known in show business at that time. A certain amount of subterfuge was employed by a third party as Mr. Sparks had refused to make sale of the show to the American Circus Corporation many times prior to this.

From to , Sparks, operated the Downie Brothers Circus, one of America's largest motorized circuses at that time.

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It was sold at auction April 15, to a Mr. Bill Miller.

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In , at the request of Ringling Brothers Circus, Mr. Sparks came out of retirement and opened a number two show called "Spangles.