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Is there any chance we can get an ETA? Will the forums be available soon? Thank you :. Hi, the forums are available, here. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Glass Beach Summer : The storm changed everything. We went home, one by one. And then we started to see them. We saw the monsters. At first, we thought the storm had brought them. It was only later that we learned the truth. The storm changed only us.

The monsters were always there.

The Dispatchers : No backup. No assistance. Just a voice on the radio in the night, asking you for help. In this campaign, unlikely monster hunters are drawn together by the mysterious signal. Can they survive their missions long enough to save themselves? MisterE says:. January 31, at pm. Brian says:.

February 24, at am. Frederick Foulds says:. March 11, at am. Strategiser says:. March 15, at pm. Still, his strategy was all over the place.

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Initially, he was so willing to let earth burn that he tossed his son in prison rather roughly with no concern for his feelings. Then later on, he's seen taking offense to people calling him a monster and sends Thor off to his death? I'm sure this change of heart is better explained in a tie in - Lastly, the worst part of the book, in my opinion: Tony Stark gives up his sobriety to get Odin's attention. That is such an understatement. Fraction wrote Tony's bright idea as giving up his sobriety something he'd worked on for decades just to get Odin to talk to him.

He does this partially because an atheist like Tony Stark who doesn't believe in gods which doesn't make sense considering he'd known Thor for so long at that point , suddenly acknowledging Odin's existence is a big get. Let me get into why this sucked for me: - I'm not opposed to Tony Stark self sacrificing to save the day. I'm against this being the way he gets Odin's attention.

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This wasn't him going through a serious event like in CW II where he dropped by a meeting because he was stressed. This wasn't a spell or sabotage leading him to do this like in Avengers Disassembled. It was purely to get Odin to listen to him? They show Tony drinking wine called "Demon dans une Boutelle" and freaking kiss my ass for that.

This is a serious situation and you're making jokes about it? This was just Apr 25, Jesse A rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novels , library-it-up. I liked this a lot. Some of the dialogue was iffy but the art was good. I'm a big Thor fan so it was a pretty easy sell for me.

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May 05, Malum rated it liked it Shelves: marvel , graphic-novels , avengers. Maybe 2. This one is a hard one to review. I didn't love it, and yet I can't really pinpoint what's wrong with it. There are lots of heroes, but no one is really given time to shine here. Really, this whole event just seems like an excuse to give everybody "kewl" magic weapons and armor and have them beat the hell out of each other for a bit.

There are a few important deaths that may have been impactful at the time, but reading it now you know these people all came back shortly after this Maybe 2.

F.E.A.R.: Itself! (A Franchise Retrospective)

There are a few important deaths that may have been impactful at the time, but reading it now you know these people all came back shortly after this and so the impact is greatly diminished. Also, how many times has Asgard had to face a Ragnarok event? At least four now, isn't it? Talk about going back to the same well over and over Marvel My favorite part is when Thor admits that he would never be able to beat Hulk that's right, you go Hulk! So, basically, if you want to see some heroes and villains with some new looks, then this might be worth checking out. If you skip it, though, you won't be missing much.

Aug 09, Anthony rated it really liked it Shelves: thor. I remember when this came out in , and I fully brought into the hype behind it. At the time I was very invested in marvel comics and I'd just discovered Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen as creators, so I was excited for the event. Reading it now, 6 years later, I still really enjoy it. I think the problem it had at the time is that it was being built as a big marvel universe event, when I think it's better read as a Thor story that also includes the other Avengers. I've recently been rereadi I remember when this came out in , and I fully brought into the hype behind it.

I've recently been rereading a lot of Thor from that period. JMS Thor followed by Gillens run and the Siege storyline and then onto Fractions, and this is better when it's read as part of that. Now, if you wanted, you could go further since there are many tie-ins with a lot of books and some of them are good , but at it's core it's about Thor and Odin and the Serpent. But that brings me to my main problem with the book - the villain. I don't think there's enough backstory here to really make you care about him at all, which leads to the story suffering.

Like if there weren't so many cool moments drawn by Immonen with Thor taking on The Worthy, the rating would be a lot lower. He's not a good enough villain for the story and definitely an event.


Feb 20, Aaron rated it liked it. I was so disappointed by this crossover. I mean, it isn't terrible by any means. The action is nearly constant and escalates very well. The stakes are incredibly high, and actually FEEL high this time around.

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I genuinely felt like any single hero could die in this fight. It's just, the idea behind it is so good, and I just felt the premise itself was completely squandered in favor of a ton of punching. The setup is this: Odin's evil brother, "The Serpent," has awakened after a millennia-long impr I was so disappointed by this crossover. The setup is this: Odin's evil brother, "The Serpent," has awakened after a millennia-long imprisonment beneath the ocean. When he awakens, he summons 7 hammers to earth, each to be wielded somewhat unwillingly by 7 heroes or villains, who represent 7 different types of fear.

Now, supposedly, the arrival of these 7 fearmongers is supposed to send everyone on earth into a state of mass hysteria, but I just never really got the feeling that actually happened. Mostly, people seem scared of the fact that a bunch of hammer monsters are rampaging around the planet smashing things, which, duh.

Anyone would be scared of that. What I would've liked even the slightest explanation for, though, is why everyone who is not being attacked by hammer men is supposedly fearful. We get no sense that fear is actually spreading. We see very few riots, though people mention that riots are happening. We don't see, up close, how any real people are affected by this fear. The title of the book is "Fear Itself. Additionally, we don't ever actually see the hammer wielders embody their respective states of fear. They all just hit shit with hammers and kill people.