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His treatment of the vital role played by the Low Countries in the history of democracy in Europe is especially good.

The book is nevertheless disappointing. Partly because there is a permanent tension between its awkward theoretical language of familiar concepts re-wrapped in unnecessary neologisms and sociologese, and the rather well written and informative, country-by-country historical narratives.

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That claim is self-evidently true. Who would deny that the mobbing of tax collectors, public meetings, strikes, rock throwing and the creation of local militias and armed cells have played a great part in the history of democracy, and its destruction?

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This sensitivity to contingency is part of its deep appeal, which is why surveys of democratisation need to incorporate a strong sense of contingency into their own methods — in order better to highlight the point that because democracy is radically inexplicable it thrives on interpretations. Share Share on Share Tweet. Individual occurrences such as the protest of French students in or Chilean shantytown dwellers are examined.

The final essay looks ahead, wondering: what is the future of social movements? Social Movements and Cultural.

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