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Welcome to Heart of Midlothian

Replacement wristbands will be available on site at the box office when you arrive. Please bring the damaged wristband and some photo ID with you.

Please note you may be charged a nominal fee for the replacement this is determined on a case-by-case basis. If your ID does not match the name on the purchase order please have the original purchaser either A pick up the replacement for you, B Sign into their Eventbrite account and change the name on the order to match your ID. All credit left unredeemed by the close of the event will be refunded in accordance with the terms below:.

The deadline to apply for a manual refund is August 23, Upon verification, the refund will be processed within 10 business days following the closure of the refund form. No, once a wristband is registered the information cannot be changed. The name on the order must match the ID of the person picking up at the box office. Please sign into your Eventbrite account and change the information under the ticket to ensure they match. We will begin mailing passes out weeks prior to the week of the festival. For any fulfillment inquiries please reach out to: boots fulfillmentsupport.

If your purchase was not delivered prior to the festival, you can pick up your order when you arrive at any of the box offices on site.

Kingdom Hearts III - Return of the Keyblade

You can sign into your Eventbrite account to update the mailing, billing and personal information associated with the ticket. Please note that your information must be updated prior to the cut off date TBD in order to have your passes mailed with that information. Republic Live is unable to verify the authenticity of passes not purchased from bootsandhearts. A limited number of pre-printed hard tickets have been issued and the tickets will be exchanged for wristbands at the festival box office, using the bar-code as validation. Boots and Hearts Payment Plan information will be available soon.

If you are interested in upgrading your pass i. Your refund on the original ticket will be processed post-festival.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Terra Returns (Xehanort Boss Fight)

That person does not have to be present. Pre-paid credit cards cannot be processed as an address is required for all purchases. Pre-paid credit cards do not have mailing addresses associated with them. Our festival tickets are sold in tiers. The most economical passes are available earliest — there is no difference in the type of tickets bought at each different tier, just the price. We recommend that if you are considering purchasing tickets for the festival to act quickly in order to get your passes at the lowest price point.

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Yes, you can purchase a ticket for someone else however orders cannot be split up on Eventbrite. If you purchase for someone else with multiple tickets in one order, you will have to wait until wristbands are mailed out to give them access to their ticket. All Boots and Hearts ticket purchases are final sales, no refunds or exchanges.

The festival takes place rain or shine. Unfortunately, our ticketing agent, Eventbrite, can not process tickets over the phone as part of a best practice model for security and compliance. You can purchase tickets online at www. You can purchase tickets in person at any of our street team events. Follow our social media accounts to see where we are heading next! All non-reserved campsites are assigned upon arrival on a first come first camped basis.

Congenital Defects - A simplified glossary

There is NO saving spots. If you wish to camp beside another group you MUST arrive together. The festival reserves the right to relocate campers to a substituted site, or area, if necessary. Please note that camping maps only provide an approximate location of campsites. If you wish to camp beside your friends please look into our Reserved Camping options here. Secure your spot early to get the best location possible! Each Reserved Tent campsite offers parking for two 2 regular sized vehicles smaller than a passenger van. One 1 vehicle plus One 1 towed unit tent trailer, pop-up trailer, travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer.

If you require additional parking spaces OR need to exit and re-enter throughout the weekend, please purchase a 4-Day Parking Pass here Overnight parking included. Unfortunately, due to safety and security reasons we can not allow anyone to stay in the parking lots after they close each night, so you will not be able to sleep in your car. Yes, you will be allowed to have more than 1 tent on your site. Everything, including all tents and the one vehicle, must fit within your designated camping area.

Single Day ticket holders are allowed entry into the campgrounds during the day their wristband is valid for, but will not be allowed to claim a campsite. One tent site can have up to 6 people, an RV site up to 8, although we recommend per site for maximum comfort. No, powered sites are only an option for RV campsites. No generators of any kind, except in the RV campgrounds, maximum 5 gallons of fuel.

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Battery packs are ok in tent camping. Showers are available in the campgrounds.

Open-Back Hearts Bikini

You can purchase using funds on your RFID wristband. Prices are available on site. Potable water is provided in the camping grounds for water bottle refills only. Yes, so long as you have an event pass Day or Weekend you can enter the campgrounds for the day s your pass if valid. If you are visiting friends on their campsite, you are welcome to walk in with your alcohol on your first entrance into the grounds. Cooking appliances are to be used under the following conditions:.

This includes travel trailers, 5th wheels, tent trailers, pop-up trailers, truck bed campers, Class A, B or C Motorhomes, buses and the like. RV campsites are approx. If it will still not fit in the space provided you will need to purchase 2 sites. If you need assistance parking your RV you will be permitted to have someone drive it in and drop it off for you. The person dropping off the RV must have the RV camping pass with them and be accompanied by at least one full event ticket holder.

The drop off person will not be permitted to stay on the grounds. Affix the sticker to the unit which will be staying on the site, not the delivery vehicle. Ensure the drop off vehicle also adheres to all the prohibited items as it will be involved in the same security checks. No tire irons etc. Please let security at the gate know they are there to pick up a trailer, and they will be able to return to your site, with you, to assist.

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Yes, RV sites are permitted to setup a tent on their site so long as everything, RV, tent and vehicle fits within the designated camping area. Please note: these prices are subject to change as they are set by our pump truck and water service providers. At this current moment, we do not have any hotel partners.

Please check back at a later date for any updates! For single day Parking Passes you are welcome to leave your vehicle overnight until 10AM the following day. With a 4-Day Parking Pass you are welcome to leave your vehicle overnight for the weekend. There is NO outside alcohol allowed into the main entertainment area. Alcohol is only permitted on your first scan into the camping grounds. Details below regarding alcohol limits. Outside alcoholic beverages are permitted but must be consumed within the camping area and must follow the allowable amounts:.

Substitution Note: Beer, liquor and wine can be substituted for your alcohol of choice but should not exceed the recommended amounts as security may confiscate this if they feel you are bringing alcohol onto the grounds for potential re-sale. If you did, the balance you seek would become unbalanced. Your ambition would allow for light to expire and darkness to prevail over a ruined chaotic world. And what would you want, instead? A universe filled with nothing but blinding light, and no shadows to shield you from the burning truth?