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The antennas remain a dull gray color on the silver, gold, and rose gold variants; Apple says there are limits on what colors can be applied. Second, the camera bump has been enlarged and more artfully curved into the rear casing, which looks particularly handsome on the smaller phone with a single camera. But really, once you put the iPhone 7 in a case, it looks exactly like an iPhone 6.

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The iPhone 7 Plus in particular is actually falling behind its large-screened competition; the 6 Plus was always a bit of a surfboard, and new devices like the Galaxy Note 7 fit enormous displays into much smaller, tighter packages. Too bad about the explosions , though.

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This is still a phone that looks best in a case. A linear vibration unit that Apple calls the Taptic Engine jolts when you apply pressure to the button, tricking your brain into feeling a click. The Taptic Engine also adds all sorts of other fun feedback to iOS 10 — when you drop the notification shade down, the phone does a little bump, for example.

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It makes it feel like the software on the screen has real weight and inertia, and I love it. Apart from the revised camera, the new home button, the screen, and — heyo!

One speaker is at the bottom of the phone, as it has been, and the other is actually integrated into the earpiece. Apple says it needed to take out the headphone jack so it could make space for better cameras, the Taptic Engine even though the 6S also had a Taptic Engine , and perhaps most importantly, a bigger battery.

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Apple ships a pair of its EarPods headphones with a Lightning connector in the box, as well as a Lightning-to Especially when the company is trying to get everyone to be enthusiastic about the move away from 3. But here we are. Once you pair the AirPods with one Apple device, they can seamlessly switch to all the others, which is very cool. I asked Apple if Dr.

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Dre or Jimmy Iovine consulted on the sound or design of the AirPods and there was a lot of demurring. Apple took away an established open standard in favor of new technologies, but instead of making the experience of using those new technologies better across the board, it made every third-party wireless audio product a second-class citizen of the Apple ecosystem.

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To make wireless audio happen, Apple has to do the work of opening up and making the experience of connecting to any audio system on the iPhone as simple and frustration-free as pushing a button — as simple as wired audio has always been. But the iPhone 7 is not that iPhone.

In fact, right now you need more wires, dongles, and adapters to make it work with the rest of your life than ever before. O ne of my favorite recurring bits at iPhone introductions is when Phil Schiller notes, correctly, that the iPhone camera is likely the best camera most people will ever own. This is an incredible fact, as is the fact that a huge number of people now quietly upgrade to a better camera on a fairly regular basis, and then use the hell out of that camera.

The explosion in mobile photography is one of the most revolutionary aspects of the entire smartphone revolution, and the general excellence of the iPhone camera over time is a big reason why. This all adds up to a decent improvement, but the iPhone 6S was already operating at the top of the scale, bested only recently by the latest cameras in the Galaxy S7 and Note 7. Not participating: Best Buy update - iPhones deals are now live.

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In the center, there is, one might say, the visit card of Steve Jobs — the black roll-neck famous in its simplicity and ultimatism. EN RU. Shopping Bag Empty. When making an order or coordinating the design, please clarify with the manager how one or another type of the materials used in the design may influence the device's functions. CODE: Storage size Gb 64 Gb Gb Gb. Limited edition - 99 pcs. Service Support Warranty 1 year.