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I held my breath, letting things happen and life pass me by.

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Nothing was the same. More importantly, I wasn't the same. But eventually, I learned to live in this new world without oxygen.

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I even met someone new. Why was I able to let go so easily this time? When someone can no longer grow with you, he or she stunts your growth.

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From all of my experiences without him, I learned a laundry list of important lessons and values. To name a few, I learned independence from being single.

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I learned patience from dating someone who was struggling with demons. I used each day after my relationship ended as a springboard to move forward. But in all this time apart, my ex had stood completely still. He had learned nothing. He was the same man he was a year ago. I allowed myself to learn from every mistake and evolve into something greater than I had ever imagined.

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I used to be repulsed by the fact.. Translation, you exceeded your full use Feel like a fool used.. But your feelings gonna be crushed and they feel it coming Said you would stay but you ran like u were stealing something Pssh I ain't crying, i'm just peeling onions You left this man guessing I hear your song on radio and wonder, do u still think of me? They laughing to the bank with you Hang with you Go broke, they go ghost..

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When the dead presidents gone and they can't miss you Why would they.. You love the yes men and how they always do what you say Like you got you some new slaves But never knew that all your plantation boys were 2 Faced It broke your heart that they didn't.. Church girl said 'if you don't embrace christ, don't hug me' Get famous and even if you look like aki and paw paw, they all say 'you so yummy. You will grow on me' Men wanna act like they eating and so they go hungry Way to go dummy She gon leave your ass for a jerk.. But he puts stacks in her purse Are that's really what her passion is worth? And you, people never appreciated you Until after you'd. Stay stay stay stay witchu You on top of your game and everybody plays witchu You fall off and become a memory in brain tissue The best player missing the sound of the game whistle You call em, they ignore and then you leave and they miss you You try to keep em close and they talking about how they owe you nothing..

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