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A link to a key which security researchers should use to securely talk to you. See the full description of Encryption. A link to a web page where you say thank you to security researchers who have helped you. See the full description of Acknowledgments.

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A comma-separated list of language codes that your security team speaks. You may include more than one language. See the full description of Preferred-Languages.

  1. Campion (theme from the BBC TV series).
  2. Space Santa.
  3. Drugs and Culture: Knowledge, Consumption and Policy!
  4. Bevor Sie fortfahren...;
  5. Rosie Sprouts Time to Shine.

The most common URL for accessing your security. It is important to include this if you are digitally signing the security. See the full description of Canonical.

A link to a policy detailing what security researchers should do when searching for or reporting security issues. See the full description of Policy.


A link to any security-related job openings in your organisation. Txt Manager is a free tool that lets you easily manage your ads.

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  • Observation of the System Earth from Space - CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE and future missions: GEOTECHNOLOGIEN Science Report No. 20 (Advanced Technologies in Earth Sciences)!
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